Our Story

Abundant with history, Wagga RSL Club has been Wagga’s leading social meeting place since 1950. From an initial membership of just 381 people, the RSL Club has grown into a first class venue with membership in excess of 20,000 comprising of both service and associated members.

Over its long history, the Wagga RSL Club has witnessed many events that have shaped not just this city, but also this nation. After years of investigation and debate, Wagga RSL Club was opened on 3 September 1947 as the Returned Sailors Soldiers & Airmen’s Club at 157 Baylis Street.


The name was changed to the Wagga RSL Club on 24 May 1958 at the official opening of the Club on our present site of Goonigul & Dobbs Street.

There have been many physical changes along the way. In 1964-65, the first major renovations took place. From 1967-87, $2.2 million had been spent on improvements to the Club.

In 2001, the Wagga RSL Motel broke ground and started construction. The 46-room luxury-style motel proved to be a great asset to the city of Wagga and a profitable entity for the Wagga RSL Club.

In 2004, the Wagga RSL Club provided a necessary lifeline to the Wagga City Golf Club. Substantial investment was made in upgrading the greens and clubhouse. The Wagga RSL Club ceased its involvement and financial assistance to the Wagga City Golf Club in 2008.

In 2005, major renovations were carried out to our major function areas, supplying the latest in modern technology, making it the perfect venue for weddings and corporate functions. 2007-2008 saw the $2 million construction of the outside balcony and terrace overlooking the MTC. This also involved upgrades to our entrance and foyer areas. This was a trying time for the Club, but well worth the wait once construction was complete.

2009 saw perhaps the Clubs greatest change when the Board of Directors and members agreed to amalgamate with the Wagga Commercial Club. Great investment has gone into trying to ensure the Commercial Club is an inviting and comfortable venue to socialise.

The Club is committed to offering our members and guests the most stylish and comfortable venues possible and that’s why we are continually updating and upgrading our facilities on offer.

The Wagga RSL Club has changed with the times and will continue to evolve into a contemporary destination, without losing our unique identity, nor any of our traditional values.

Wagga RSL Club and Commercial Club Wagga offers a large entertainment and leisure complex with a range of members’ amenities, including dining, gaming, sports and an adjoining motel.

With the long and storied history of Commercial Club Bar & Grill, we hope you enjoy what it is today. We also hope you can feel all the love that went in to this establishment.